Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We provide Social Media Marketing (SEM) services for individuals, small and medium scale businesses.

 Social Media Marketing (SEM) is making digital advertisements visible on the social media networking sites like Facebook or Twitter when target customers look for your services, solutions and products. A good advertisements campaign will generate more visibility, traffic, conversions and sales for your business. Our experienced professionals take care of your digital advertisements planning, executing, and monitoring to give you an best Return On Investment (ROI).

Social Media Marketing(SEM) FAQs

For specific FAQs please visit respective service page.

Why business need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is making your business get visibility from social media networking websites like Facebook and Twitter which will help your business found by target customers or prospects.

How will I know it’s working?

We generate and give reports with the results. The reports are generated from Analytics Tools which show all the metrics like how many views, clicks, and from which place and devices etc;

How do you start working on our advertisements?

To say briefly, we understand your challenges and requirements, then start working on Social Media Marketing campaign once we agreed to work on your advertisements. Campaign may include keyword research, competitor analysis, creating new ads or edit existing ads, account setup, campaign development, report generation, campaign optimization, and campaign management.

How do you estimate price for Social Media Marketing?

As every business and requirement are different, the price will depend on different factors like service you choose, the delivery time it takes and/or you choose. To estimate actual price for campaign you need to give ad budget. We just charge for our services.

Do you provide content for our advertisements?

Yes or No. It depends on the service you choose. Content writing and images may costs you extra. But sometimes, in the standard package, we may include basic content and basic images etc.

Do you provide content preparation or content writing services?

Yes. We write content for you as per your requirements. You may or may not get content for Social Media Marketing based on the package you choose.

Do you provide success metrics reports?

Yes. We provide as per agreement. Frequency will depend on service you choose.

Do You provide Social Media Marketing Services?

Yes, We provide. Please visit Search Engine Marketing Services Page

Where can we find your recent works?

Please visit our Portfolio Page for details.

What are the other services you provide?

Please visit our Services and Solutions page.

Technical Terms in Brief:

Tailored Marketing Plan :  We will provide a tailored action plan to improve your social media presence.

Page or Profile Optimization : We will optimize your social media page or profile.

Page or Profile Setup : We will set up your social media page or profile (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Social Media Posts : We will create the number of social media posts as per package or agreement.

Stock Photos : Enhance your order with professional stock photos.

Account Setup : We setup an account so you can begin advertising or we take care of advertising as per agreement. 

Campaign Development : We will develop a campaign.

Report : We will review your account and provide a report highlighting issues with your advertisement strategy.

Campaign Optimization : We will optimize your advertisement campaign.

Management Duration (Weeks) : We will manage your advertisement for the amount of weeks agreed.

Competitors Analyzed : We will analyze the keywords for the number of competitors agreed.

Revisions : The number of tweaks we include.

Delivery time : Self explanatory.

Ongoing Management : Get ongoing advertising support that can help improve targeting, optimize ads, and increase ROI.

Campaign QA: Review your ad campaign to ensure everything is working such as ad placement, links, analytics, etc. 

Ad Extensions: Use ad extension to enhance your ads with advanced features like reviews, locations, download CTAs, and more.

Ad Copy Suggestions : Recommendations about potential ad copy to use in campaign.

Audience Targeting Suggestions: Recommendations about which audiences you should market to.

Keywords Analyzed : We will perform keyword analysis on the agreed amount of keywords.

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