eCommerce SEO Services

We provide eCommerce SEO services for your products on eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Ebay etc..

eCommerce marketplaces are where customers ready to buy your products, and go searching for exactly what they need. That’s why you need to have your product listings Search Engine Optimized for buyers.


Your listing needs to be sharp & contain high converting keywords, strategically placed. Successful listings begin with making your product stand out from the competition. From messaging to keywords to format, small details can mean the difference between making a sale and losing out to a competitor.

 eCommerce SEO Services FAQs

For specific FAQs please visit respective service page.

Why business need SEO Services for eCommerce?

Search Engine Optimization will help to make your products find on Market places like Amazon and eBay which will help your products found by target customers or prospects.

How will I know it’s working?

First baseline metrics prepared then optimizing the products for market places can be started. These baseline metrics will be used in future to compare with the results. Analytics Tools will show all the metrics like how many products added to cart, how many orders were done, how many orders failed etc;

How do you start working on our Product Listings?

To say briefly, we understand your challenges and requirements, audit your products, prepare baseline metrics, then start working on your products listing SEO optimization once agreed to work on your website.

Do you provide content for our products listings?

Yes or No. It depends on the service you choose. Content writing and images may costs you extra. But sometimes, in the standard package, we may include basic content.

How do you estimate price for our product listings?

As every business and requirement are different, the price will depend on different factors like service you choose, the delivery time it takes and/or you choose.

Do you provide success metrics reports?

Yes. We provide as per agreement. Frequency will depend on service you choose.

Do You provide Social Media Marketing Services?

Yes, We provide. Please visit Social Media Marketing Services Page


Where can we find your recent works?

Please visit our Portfolio Page for details.

What are the other services you provide?

Please visit our Services and Solutions page.

Technical Terms in Brief:

HTML Title : We will convert your title to HTML to include special characters.

Competitor Research : We will research competitors to improve and differentiate the copy.

Focus Keywords :We will write copy using the amount of focus keywords indicated.

Keywords Analyzed : We will perform keyword analysis on the agreed amount of keywords.

Audience Targeting Suggestions: Recommendations about which audiences you should market to.

Words Included Per product : Number of words included in each product listing description

Bullet point Included Per Product : We will include the number of bullet points indicated for each product listing.

Titles Included Per Product: We will include the number of titles indicated for each product listing

Product Listings : We will provide the number of product listings indicated

Revisions : The number of tweaks we include.

Delivery time : Self explanatory.

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